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Celena Barton, TC101
Published by: Celena Barton on 22-Feb-13
Matthew Graves Just Launched 100 Percent Mailer!

I think that Matthew has "lost it" with this latest site because he is doing all the work, but giving us all the money!  That is right ... 100% COMMISSIONS!

100 Percent Mailer isn't just a great money maker, it also has some powerful features and benefits to really SUPERCHARGE your marketing!  Every email you send has your "Branding Bar" built right into the top, showing your picture, name, and links to all your social media sites and blog.  They also have a dynamic credit system which will automatically increase the number of credits each email is worth if your response rate drops.  To get quick response, your emails will also have a "Fast Click Bonus" which means that members get more credits if they click on your link sooner.  All of this lets Matthew guarantee a 3% minimum click thru rate on every email.  If it doesn't hit 3%, you get your credits back!

P.S.  There is much more to this program than first glance.  Once you join, dig into the member's area and see all there is to offer.  When you do join, make sure you take a close look at the one-time offers for Premium Membership!  Premium Members earn 100% commissions, double credits, 2,500 mailing credits each week, unlimited banner impressions, the ability to email every 2 days, email all six levels of your downline without using a single credit.  You just can't lose with that!

Now is the time to join, because this program is going to be huge! 
This is a safelist credit mailer you don't want to miss!





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