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* Paid-to-Read *

The programs listed below are absolutely GREAT Paid to Read Email programs.  With the exception of Hits4Pay, the rest of these programs also offer the Paid Surveys, Coupons, Games, Tasks and Trial Offers.
All of the programs listed below are well-trusted and I enjoy them so much I actually have them come to my everyday personal email account.  
It's amazing how quickly they add up!

We at urge you to register free accounts with these
programs and start earning right away!


Receive Emails On Topics That Interest You - $5 Just to signup!


InboxPays is one of my favorites because of the Paid to Read Emails.  Of course there are other ways of earning; surveys, coupons, games, offers, etc.
And hey!  You do receive $5 upon sign up!
Quite similar to InboxPays is SendEarnings which I like very much for the Paid to Read Emails as well.
Also like the above, there are other ways of earning; surveys, coupons, games, trial offers, etc.
$5 sign up bonus is always welcome!
PandaResearch Once again, here is a program I enjoy for the Paid to Read Email program...receive cash for survey offers, coupons, discounts, gifts, rewards and giveaways. Register for free - and immediately get $3 for doing so.
Well, not much to say here - it's all about the same as the above programs.  I enjoy this one for the Paid to Read Emails, their honesty and integrity so
far as I've been a member.  
Also offers paid surveys and such.
You guessed it!  Just one more program that I highly recommend for Paid to Read Emails.  It's another must-have if you are a PTR'er or survey taker.  Complete tasks and offers, play
games or use coupons.
It all adds up for your wallet.  :)
Another $5 for registering your free account!


This is SoKule for business

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